Nithya Thayaal

Let me help you craft your stories. Check out some of the productions I've managed below.

I create content but also have experience managing them too.

One of my most recent projects brought me into the Canadian healthcare sector, developing caregiver content for the CareChannel.

Production Manager, SE Health

Working with SE Health as Production Manager, we were able to produce an over 100 episode caregiver series in the aim of providing Canadian caregivers with easy to understand and accessible web resource.

This is the first of its kind and has also been translated into 5 different languages for greater inclusivity.

The series is a mix of Live-Action and Animated tutorial and learning resource videos where some of my duties as Production Manager were as follows:

• Working with subject matter experts and writers to develop scripts, storyboards, manage filming, production coordination and oversight of post-production (editing/color correction/audio mastering, adding subtitles or closed captioning)

• Work with key stakeholders to advise on and execute video production and obtaining proper consents and approvals, managing production schedules, creating callsheets and reporting on progress and deliverables.

• Management of the documenting and procurement of multiple vendors, working with legal to produce vendor contracts and working out payment schedules with finance within a production budget of $150, 000

2nd Assistant Director, PopRokk Entertainment

This was a really fun and creative music video shoot I got to work on with PopRokk Entertainment and London artist TALIWOAH.

Here I wrangled and managed talent as well as handled all consent forms. This shoot had over 30 talent.

Assistant Director, Madruk Entertainment

Super cool shoot with Canadian artist Rich Aucoin and Madruk Entertainment.

My primary role here was to manage and wrangle talent throughout the shoot day as well handle consent forms. I also had to do some traffic control of the public in areas where we were shooting in the general public.

Producer, BALU

I enjoy working with local talent as such is BALU. What's extra special about this project is the inclusivity and desire incorporate and display marginalized communities in a positive life.

I was happy to collaborate with Balu in delivering his vision in this and working as a cultural consultant to ensure the South Asian visual references were accurate.

Production Coordinator, Arc Productions

Season 1 & 2

Working with Mattel to produce Barbie's Life in the Dreamhouse was in fact a dream.

Here, my main tasks were to ensure our artists received all the correct assets, reinforce and set production deadlines in order to send for client review and ensure all feedback was shared with the team as well as was reflected in the updates.

Production Assistant, Arc Productions

My first foray into the VFX scene was working on feature film Dolphin Tale.

It was my job to keep the artists happy! This meant long days, handling craft services, assisting the Producer and Coordinator with any organizational needs and recording minutes/notes.

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